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Full Version: Out of control art box... =]
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[Image: 1012011057.jpg]

My art supply box, I'm sure some of your boxes look as bad as mine... Too much & out of control... lol

How do you fix this???
I bought magnetic boards from Ikea, attached magnets to the baggies and jars, and now my nail art bling is also wall art :lol: You can see a pic of it on my website.
I would put it in a bigger colored box with a lid lol. It looks like my linen closet my hubby begged me the other day to clean and organize it. I found 700 foils and my Amanda head in the back lol.
I had same problem. Then I went to Walmart and found in there craft section these small circle containers with screw on lids. they come in a clear box as well. I wrote on the end of each one what was inside them, stars, hearts, flowers, etc... Then put them on top of each other on the shelf. You can get rubberbands to put around the entire box to secure them a little better from opening. Works great! Smile
Target has "Stack & Store" clear plastic boxes that are the bomb!!!! You can add as many levels as you want and they have 2 sizes. Just be careful that you don't stack them so tall that you can no longer lift them! :lol:
could you be more specific on where to locate the stack & store on Targets website? Thanks Smile
Here they are! The medium size one is what I use for all of my "pots", like glitter, acrylic, gel, canes, etc. The large size one is great for all of my polish bottles (like my whole Gelish collection that goes on the road with me!). They are air tight and great for when I go on the road. One layer for pedi tools, one layer for mani tools, one for disposable products and one for the polishes. And I could go on! :lol:
I used to have the same problem. Then I bought several hundred small jars and transferred all my bling into the jars. Then I bought 2 nail polish racks and hung them on the wall and put all the jars on the rack.

The bottoms of the jars are clear, so I can see exactly what is in each jar and I have them all sorted by color. Much neater and easier to access since they are on the wall behind me!