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My Gelish 6g lamps, I have two, seem to be hit or miss as far as a good cure. I use them most successfully on myself, and for pedis. I can't seem to get thumbs to cure, and sometimes big toes, and pinky toes on certain clients. Trying to do thumbs separately to get them to cure does not work well either, since people can't seem to contort themselves one way or another to get just their thumb it just me ? Do any of you experience this ? I would love an 18g ,or a bigger LED ,but want one on both sides of my table like my CND UV lamps ,which I think is both easier and more comfortable for me and my client, but the price is too high.
I wanted to Gelish lol but couldn't afford it, so I purchased the Artistic LED lamp. Aftistic is a sister company of Gelsih (or was at the time I purchased it 2 years ago). Everything about this LED lamp is amazing and it was 1/3 of the cost! Oh - and it cures 5 fingers at a time...I ove this lamp! Haven't had any problems with it this far. I've heard a few techs say they had some issues with their Gelish lamps. If you ever think about investing again maybe the Artistic lamp will be an option. It works great will all my Gelish and other gel polishes.

Bowie, MD
Thanks , Chrissy ! Is your Artistic lamp a full size like the Gelish 18g ,or the black replica of the little Gelish 6g ? I would like something that cures all five fingers and toes at once ,where there is no separate curing issues, or thumbs that don't cure because of their weird angle in the light. These issues are why I don't get much use out of my Gelish 6g 's .
Lexi, I have to the Artistic LED Pro 30. Sorry, I should have out that in my last message. It's a full size lamp, and I've never had any issues with the thumbs curing since it's a true 5 finger cute lamp. The way the bulbs are positioned inside allow the thumbs to cure evenly with the other fingers. Someone was really thinking when they designed this lamp. If you can't find good pics of what the inside of the lamp looks like, let me know and I'll email them to you so you can see how the bulbs are positioned. I still have your card from the LI networking event. ;-). My email address is [email protected]

Bowie, MD
Chrissy, thank you so much for the info ! I will check out this lamp , and I believe you may be mistaking me for another tech, as I have not attended the LI networking event,lol...I am familiar with Artistic products, and have several of their colors ,as well as Gelish...
Oops! So sorry!! Lol...nonetheless if you can't find photos, I'm happy to send them to you! :-)

Bowie, MD
Have you checked that there is no gel covering any of the light bulbs? Also, make sure the hand isn't too far back, there is a dead zone at a certain point.
With the 6G you have to cure the thumb separately. You have to turn your hand to the side, in the space under the tray, and cure with your thumb upright. I always have to actually show people this Smile

I use the 18G and the 6G side by side just so when I'm doing hard gel, I can sculpt one nail at a time. You should buy it at a trade show. Gelish is in BSG (CosmoProf, Armstrong McCall) now, so it's available at a lot more trade shows than before, usually for under $300 with free colors.
I have not checked to see if gel is covering any bulbs, great advice. In the event I find gel on any bulbs, assuming it has hardened ,possibly, how would I remove it w/o damaging them ? Should I swipe them with acetone? Sometimes curing just thumbs the lights won't come on, I know there is a sensor inside, but with some, the sensor just doesn't pick up the presence of their thumb being in there...I'll take your advice, thanks so much !
You should be able to scape it off with a pusher.

You can override the sensor. Unplug the power chord from the lamp. Remove the metal plate from the bottom and find the sensor inside the lamp. Cover it with your finger and plug the power chord back into the back of the lamp. Now it's on manual and you just press the time you want on the back to turn it on.