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Full Version: what LE gels for fills?
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Hi,I am looking to purchase some LE gels to give them a try . What should I purchase for doing a gel fill? I want something SELF LEVELING and strong. Extreme or 1-step? Also, how good is their bonder? I use Ten's primer and its great!! Should I purchase the one from LE? Thanks!!!
I use the manicure gel on toes because it's more flexible and the one step on hands. Their Bonder works them and ask for samples. Then you can see if you like the product before you invest in it. I use their glitter gels and love them!

Bowie, MD
I like Extreme over 1 Step - my opinion though!
I have used their bonder - it needs a 2 minute cure - annoying to add more curing time! LE has an air dry bonder Darcy likes it- I haven't gotten that.
Its "always" recommended to use complete system- but I'll use Young Nails protein bond to save curing time!
Hi Celly,
I Love the Extreme gels, my Fav is the Baby Pink Extreme. They are a medium consistency, self leveling, strong, yet flexible. I think you would be happy with them. One step is great, but it is a thinner consistency, so if you are trying to Build structure, it will take longer.
Definitely call the HQ at 800-275-5596 and request some samples. They are Great about discussing your needs and recommending the products that will fill your needs. Smile
Tommy super magic primer is the most amazing product to stop anying lifting. You can use it as a base for soak of gels or applying it on artificial nail tips so the gel is gaurenteed to adhere to nail tip. No curing needed. But like ten linkage you can not let any chemicals touch the brush or in the bottle or it will be ruined. Each te you use You can only use a lint free wipe dampened with water to clean neck of bottle or it will not opened next time. Its very finicky and you have to be ectremly careful and clean neck of bottle each time but its organic and a miricale product. Have any clients that have lifting issues Tommy Super Magic Primer is the answer.