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Full Version: I found my school Yay for me!
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I will be attending Guy' Academy hair, skin, nails and I couldn't be happier, I called them a few weeks ago and they didn't have a nt program so I decided to call them back to see if they have any future plans to start one and to my surprise they are starting one in the late spring as soon as the teacher is up on the curriculum it will be ready. I really feel like this is best school for me and wish it was starting sooner but this gives me time to save an prepare for things in the meantime. I am just so happy and the lady in admission was so nice and sweet makes me feel welcomed already.
yay!!! Have a blast, I LOVED school!
Congratulations! I'm glad you found a school! I'm sure your support system at home will pick up, especially when they start wanting their nails done, but fortunately, you will also have a great support system here on BT! These folks are GREAT!


How cool is it that you followed your instincts and didn't give up and found a school for you. Congratulations!! Keep us posted on your progress. :wink: