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Full Version: Starting School Tomorrow!
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I'm really excited to be starting school tomorrow! I am taking the Nail tech course and a Makeup Artistry course after that.
I'm pretty sure when i visited the school the owner said they primarily teach gel nails for enhancements, but I've only ever had acrylic. I'm from Washington State but I'm in British Columbia now, so I wonder if its just a regional difference?
My question is, should I learn both? She said they are very accommodating to making sure you learn everything you want just seems like maybe they could be marketed to two different clienteles?
What is everyone's thoughts?
Hi Carmen! If you have the opportunity, learn both. You're just starting out in the industry so you never know where it will take you. Enjoy your classes - when will you be done?
At school today acrylics were in the syllabus Smile so we are defiantly learning both.
The course is 400 hours so I should be done in March Smile
First day was good! Mostly reading/bookwork/lecture. We got further that expected tho so we are already ahead 1 day! Yay!