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Full Version: Help with infection
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First time in 13 years, I have a client with a infection on the corner of her free edge on the skin. She called today telling me she was in a lot of pain so I had her come in to take a look. The acrylic and the natural nail are fine, its the skin in the corner that is white and the finger tip is red from inflammation. She could barely have it touched. I managed to get her acrylic off the nail and applied thymolize. Told her to keep putting the thymolize on there and call me monday to see how it feels.

To me it looks like there may have been a sharp piece of natural nail poking into the skin and it got very aggrivated. I am absolutley freaked out since this is the first time I have ever dealt with this. I have a feeling I am going to be paying for a dr visit. Im not sure what to do.