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Full Version: gel polish over hard gel
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How is everyone removing gel polish from hard gel without taking off all of the hard gel. I have been using light elegance cool gel which goes on pretty thin and remove gel polish with an efile which seems to thin out the hard gel too much .thanks
I use an enamel base coat (CND's Sticky or Orly Bonder both work great)on the hard gel. Take a lint free wipe and wipe 1/8" of the free edge with acetone. That keeps the polish from wearing too much on the tip. Let it dry about 4 minutes. Apply your gel polish and top coat. Removal takes only 5 or so minutes.

thank you so much. Also do u use efile of acetone wrap to remove?
I use the foil wraps. If you score the surface, it's super quick to remove. Also, I've used enamel polish on the hard gel, added nail art then used SOG top coat.
I will try all of this. thank you very much for your help.