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I love my CND UV lamps, but was wondering if anyone knows if they are going to eventually come out with an LED lamp. If they do, I hope the new LED lamps are flat like the UV lamps....I am surprisef they have not come out with one yet. Oddly, I have a co worker who cures Shellac with a Gelish 18g ,I don't know if her clients have problems or not, but she got rid of her UV lamps completely, and uses mostly Shellac...any updates ?
The most recent update that I heard on this is that CND won't be coming out with an LED lamp until mid-2014, if then. The rumour is that they have been working on changing Shellac polishes to be LED curable and some already are, but many aren't. Shellac has always used different and fewer photoinitiators than other gel polishes. Photoinitiators are a leading cause of sensitivity, so this makes CND Shellac hypoallergenic. It is said that they are trying to go LED curable and hang onto being hypoallergenic, which is not easy to do. As of now, CND Shellac is not supposed to be cured with LED. Since there is no easily accessible way to tell if it is properly cured, your friend may very well not be curing properly, but is curing "to the eye" as Doug Schoon put it.