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Full Version: Counter/bar height nail table
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I need a new nail table, mine is worn. I've been thinking of a counter/bar height table so I can sit OR stand. Sitting 10 hours per day is getting to me physically. I've heard of this, but never have seen it. Any thoughts? I would want to make sure I have a secure, comfortable seat for my clients where they have good leg support. (So their feet aren't dangling). One client stated that "her friends spend 5 to 6 hours at the bar each weekend, they certainly could sit for an hour to get a rebalance". Cute comment, but seriously....anyone have this?
Does not work well for the elderly or handicapped. You have to really think about who your clientele is and if they are able to be in such an elevated position.

Some of our best nail clients are older, and love that we take such good care of them. But they would not be able to handle this type of seating.
Check out they have this well invented manicure table that tilts and is dedigned to be bar height. You have to check this table out. I wish I lived in the states.
In the dream world inside my head (believe me, this is a happy little place where all things are grand. lol) I would LOVE to have a Dual set-up, where I could choose to Sit for some clients & stand for those who could sit in a bar height stool. It would basically be 1 station, but on the left, bar height and on right, regular table height. I only need to have it designed, built and oh yeah, then room for it in my salon....hence the dream world.
I keep looking for the perfect set up for such a venture. Good luck in your search.