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Full Version: Travel bag for nail supplies
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Due to slow business I am taking on an addition job in a salon in another town that I will be busy at. A lot of my items I can slipt up and leave at both salons, but my colored acrylics, glitter, ect needs to go back and forth. I was going to go look for a piece of luggage of something I can haul things back and forth. I wish I had kept my old nail supply cart that had compartents. Where can I find something like that again?
Hi Jennie,
I travel between two locations as well and while most items I have in each place, I did not want to purchase 2 of each color gel polish, so I do carry those back and forth. Then I have a case with my kit for holding classes too. I just share a link for both, hope you find it helpful. Smile

Class Kit:

For transporting color gels, I use these snap close tackle boxes in the bag that's linked below (the bag came with 4 shallow boxes, but they didn't snap tight to close, so I bought 2 of these boxes with locking snaps):

Here's the bag they fit perfectly into:
Thanks Darcy, thats pretty darn close to what Im looking for!
Glad that it was helpful. Smile