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Full Version: Hard Gel & LED
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Hi everyone I was hoping to get some help. I recently bought in OPI LED light. I still have some remainder IBD hard Gel left and I was going to try to cure it with the LED light. I am hesitant because I'm not too sure if it's going to properly cure. I don't want to have any breakage or under curing.
Also if it is compatible I don't know what comparable product (cost) to use that will be compatible with the LED light is there any suggestions that you might have for me be greatly appreciated.
I am going to vent for a minute I'm sorry...
I love using an LED light for time but it's frustrating because I find that it's hard to figure out what information you need to know whether the products you have existing is going to work.
There should be an overall resource or guide or something that professionals can refer to ti see whether the gel is going to be compatible with either only UV or LED or both and which light.
Overall, i'm frustrated and need some help! :/
If its regular IBD it will not.
You need to purchase a hard gel that will be UV /LED .
All the info about any product is typically on each individual company website- if you have a question best to look @ the product mfg for info- usually under the description .
Even if you look @ a company like or premiernail each product lists features of the product- I guess I'm not understanding how you aren't finding info- I never seem to have an issue reading about each product & how it will work properly?
I like Artistic Rock Hard LED gel- I just sculpted 10 nails yesterday on my friend- easy to work with!
A lot of companies are going LED hard gel now.