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Full Version: --New Photos!!--
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Some photos by me that I haven't shared on BT. Sorry! I post them on FB and I forgot how to post them here. At the Nailpro Show in Sacramento earlier this month I was lucky enough to win the Grand Raffle Prize at the end of the show! UNBELIEVABLE! :lol: :lol: 8) 8) I have been trying to take photos of some of the products I've used that were donated to the raffle, but I am slow in getting it done! Two of these show glitter I received from Elegant Glass, and I think their glitter rocks!!

Unless noted, these are all gel nails using Amore gel. Thanks!

These nails were done with embossing foil adhered to the form
[Image: 076.jpg]

These are natural nails with Shellac Black Pool and Elegant Glass Glitter
[Image: 089.jpg]

I did these on myself trying to practice nail bed elongation and consistency...I have a long way to go!
[Image: P1000976-1.jpg]

Elegant Glass Glitter again!
[Image: 094.jpg]

These were from Halloween 2009 - but I haven't done any Halloween nails since then and am feeling in the Spirit!! :cry:
[Image: P1000809.jpg]
very, very pretty. Love the Halloween.
Mighty flyy!
Nice job, love the top pic! Will you please explain how to do this?
Love the Halloween stilletos
They are all fabulous, the top ones are my favorite! Where did you get the embossing foil from? I think I need to try this Smile
Smile Beautiful work as always!
Thank you all for your nice comments!

luvnails and Laura: I got this foil from Susan Loasby at -- she now has many more styles. I was told that NSI carries it, but I haven't looked there. Sam Biddle's DVD shows it done with regular tin foil that has been crumpled and then smoothed back out, but not too, too smooth because you want the little creases and valleys to create the effect.

Here are the steps I used:

1. Created an elongated nail bed on a form with Amore Cache Warm gel, cure.
2. Cut the foil to the general shape of the smile line and free-edge shape desired, peel off the adhesive backing of the foil and stick it on the top of your form. At this point Sam Biddle recommends coating the foil with K-Y jelly (!!) to make the gel pop away from the foil easily....I forgot to do this and mine came away perfectly, thank goodness! Anyway, create your free-edge with Amore Sculpt & Shine clear (tinted with some pink in my case) over the foil and cure. Remove the foil and form carefully, and you have a "textured" free-edge!
3. Add embellishments as desired, build the apex and nail with Amore Sculpt & Shine clear, cure.
4. Wipe sticky finish, finish file, top gloss, cure and done!

Thanks Kristi! great tutorial Smile so the free edge is then textured from underneath, is that right?


all of these nails are too cool!
Thanks again! Laura: I'm sorry I just saw your post/question! Yes, it leaves an embossed texture under the nail. Let me know if you have any other questions....and post pics!!
Beautiful nails and I love the shape!

Keep pics coming......nice work.
would the same technique work with clear acrylic?? i love the way this looks. very nice work as well.


Oops didn't see I had already posted, but still beautiful work as always!!

Awesome, they are so beautiful !, thank you for the tuto Kristibell! :wink:
Where did you get your Elegant glass glitter?, I love the effect with shellac, your model has beautiful natural nails!.

Big Grin .
Thanks again for the nice comments!

kristi74: I don't do acrylic, so I don't know the answer to that! Sorry!

ParkNails: I believe you can order from them directly at:

Our local distributor sells their collection, so maybe someone does in your area as well.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Kristi!, I will check their site Big Grin :wink: