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Full Version: Facebook contests?
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I have seen a couple of nail techs offer contests on facebook.. Such as like and share and you could win a free manicure. Has anyone ever done this? I am new and trying to get my name out there more. Thought this would be a good idea for the new year.
It is actually very difficult to run these contests because so many users have their profiles blocked so businesses cannot see their information. Also, you are not going to run a successful contenst unless you already have a decent following. IMO, the best option for getting more likes on fb is obviously to first start with promoting your page to your clients - on your website, cards, etc. (also take pics of the nails you do and tell the client you will post it on FB - don't tag them in it, of course) Once you get a few followers that way (make sure you also get your friends and family to like you!) you can start "boosting" posts and choose to boost them to your fans plus their friends. They will see your post in their feed and hopefully you will start seeing more likes, then when you boost another post and have an exponentially larger audience, and so forth. Make sure you are boosting something that includes a picture - people love to see nail art, new polish lines, etc. You don't have to spend a ton of money, just $20-30 per boost and you can boost one post a week or every 10 days or so, then less often as you reach more followers.
My salon has seen great results with FB for reaching new/potential clients and also to nurture relationships with current clients (they come in asking for a specific color or design, etc). We currently have over 200 fans (95%local) and have only been open for 3 months.
Ok. Ive only had my facebook page for a month and have almost 100 likes. Didnt want to pay for boost posts if i could find a cheaper alternative to get my name out there
I've never paid for boosts.

I have a salon FB page and a personal FB page. I really don't keep up the salon page as well as I should but my personal one is very well seen. I like that people can see who does their nails and they know me!

I post pictures of my client's nails all the time! I ask my clients if I can tag them in the pictures and I've only been told once that they didn't want their name on FB. That's okay! People generally love for me to show off their nails!

Start by doing some nails on yourself or some practice tips. Take some pictures on nice backgrounds and start posting them! You can see how I did it with my snowman, pink rose and other designs. Don't be afraid to do it! There will be someone out there who will love exactly what you're offering! Keep taking pictures and posting them. Ask your friends to share the pictures and suddenly, you've got 1,000 friends!

I can't wait to see the work you do!

I don't do contests. It's not worth the amount of time to administer them and you generally don't get return clients from them.
Our first 100 likes were easy, too - it's the second 120 that were much harder once family and friends had already liked us LOL! it's not just about the number though, it's about the engagement - are people liking your posts? are they mentioning your fb page when they come in? do you have any reviews yet? Do you have check-ins? and, most of all, are people making appointments because they saw you on FB? I've gotten a lot of clients who found us on FB through boosted posts - the $20 is well worth the revenue we've seen.
I have been posting pics of work that i have done on my business page. I honestly didnt try real hard to get much in dec due to all the stuff going on. I just need to post alot more pictures of my work.
I guess I'm out of the loop- I don't know what Boosts even are????
I have done this when I moved to the new salon I am in. I did the contest for a new set and they had to share with friends, like and comment. I didnt pay for any boosters. I have gained roughly 150 new likes, which isnt huge, but pretty good for this little town. 99% of them are local likes. My nails are getting talked about all over town now and people are curious and asking about them. The new set that was won, did pay off, she has been back several times since every two weeks. So this was a good win for me Smile
I've found Instagram very helpful.