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Full Version: How do you use Eco-Fin
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I know a few people here use Eco-Fin and I wanted to see how you used it - what method of application, removal, etc.

We use it in our salon, and love it. We've tried a variety of application methods, so I am just wondering what everyone else does.

I have them ready in the liner and sleeve, rolled up and then placed in the towel warmer so they are ready to go. Just put the clients hand in the sleeve, massage to distribute the product around the hand/foot. There isn't much product that has to come off, so I remove the liner at the end of the "soaking" time, and go straight into the massage. Then I spritz the finishing spray on, wrap a small hand towel around the hand/foot and massage with it in place for a few minutes, the extra product will come off on the towel.