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Full Version: Really trying to behave* client issues...
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So i have this client, been doing polish and art on her for years. About 2 weeks ago she decides she wants acrylic for the first time in ever. Ive never done her fingers. So then last week she comes back and like 6 are broke off. *rolls eyes* obviously 6 is something she has done. Plus shes not used to them either. This is a wed, i say come back by sat and ill fix them no charge. She never called, nevr showed.
So i send out my monthly texts and she repllies back with wanting her nails and art. I say ok, we trade price info, but i tell her since she never came back i will have to charge her. She says "oh we can work something out since the others broke so easy".
Now im fuming. Im prego and cranky anyway so this has just lit my fire. I offered her the free repair last week, im not losing $27 because she is lazy. I dont want to make her angry but i know i need to stand my ground on this. How do explain to her, no we are not working something out? *then she has the nerve to ask if i have specials...maybe Im being sensitive cause Im pregnant but wow...
All I can say is stand your ground and don't give in to her. She will just continue to use you in the future. If she doesn't appreciate your schedule and time, then maybe she needs to go elsewhere.
thats hard, I say stand your ground as well, you offered to repair acrylics, NOT give away what shes always been getting for free!
Its a tough one. If you charge she she may not come back. On the other hand if you don't charge her and they break again she still may not come back. Charge her! She sounds like she has lots of nerve and experience with taking advantage of people. You already gave her a chance to come back within a reasonable time frame. She obviously couldn't have been too upset if she waited. If that many nails came off are you sure you even want to do it again? Maybe she should go back to natural nails or Gel?
Good luck
Well i redid her today. Im weak i only charged her half but i did hard gel this time so it was way less work for me. I told her if breakage was still an issue that gel polish would be better because your less likely to break a flexible nail than a hard one. She agreed and i think we all left happy. But i was kindof tickled when she flashed under the uv lamp lol >Smile shes a good client i just think she is being unrealistic. She happened to say in conversation "ill let hubby open the cokes from now on". Im like duh grab a butter knife! I really dont see this set lasting long either.
Yes stand your ground! Like everyone has said, you offered free repairs & she didn't take advantage of it, this is your livelihood not a hobby, people kill me, would she go to macy's or any department store with expired coupons & ask if she could work something out? If she did they would tell her no, if she has the nerve to ask you, you should have the nerve to say no, sounds like she keeps trying to get something out of you, good client or not, k wouldn't cut corners just to keep her & if you charge her for the repairs I bet you that you will see less or no more broken nails from her!
Ok, now the truth is out. She was using her nails as a can opener!
She has balls the size of King Kong! Hopefully she will do you a favor and go bug someone else.
I don't like her one bit!