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Hello- OK now that I'm getting more comfortable & confident in my hard gel application I want to work with the RIGHT brushes..... I've sorta bought a brush online for $1.00 -$6.00 & I've gone to Michaels craft store & picked up some there too. I see people saying use a #6- and do not know what that means... ?

OK - what I'm finding with what I'm using-
I like Oval
I don't care for the white nylon ones I have - they flare out too much
I think I like a shorter bristles
***I need suggestions, places to buy, names, #'s, etc..

Nail art brushes - same thing- for instance I find my "detailer" is too flimsy & possibly too many bristles?

Suggestions needed please!
Colored gel brushes -- after enhancement is on - and you are applying a colored gel (out of a little pot) what brush do you use for this application as well??

Thanks Sooooo Much!