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Full Version: Wedding Nails Displays - Suggestions Needed
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Hey ya'll,
Ok, I really would love to break into the wedding scene a little more than what I've already been doing. I do wedding nails AND makeup. But I need some suggestions regarding a few things.....

Obviously I know a portfolio is necessary - I'm really really bad about remembering to take pictures. So this is in the works. As long as I've been doing nails (22 years) you'd think I would have been doing this all along...but no.

My really big question is this.....for those of you who may do wedding shows and such to build your wedding service business....what and how are you setting up your displays? I am usually pretty creative when it comes to festival booths and display booths but just cannot think of anything creative and fun for a wedding show. I need ideas desperately.

Thanks in advance.
why don't you try getting some round or ball shaped Styrofoam balls from the craft store and build a tiered wedding cake then do up some of your wedding designs on tips and place around the tiers. Maybe even put your business card on the top . Just a thought good luck!
Thanks ccnails. Great idea. One that I just will have to explore. I used to make candy bar cakes when I had my chocolate business so this shouldn't be too difficult to do.

I know there has to be other techs on here that are already doing wedding shows. Don't ya'll have any pictures of your display booths that you can share????