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Full Version: Feeling discouraged
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I got called in today for acrylic fill. It was for a hairdresser that works in the salon. When i start doing them she tells me how she goes to the asian salons and they do her fill in 25 mins.. I tell her i just graduated and got my license so i am not that fast.. She kept saying how she was in a hurry so i was rushing.. She had to leave after i filed them and before i could paint them. I didnt think they looked that bad considering i was rushed.. Then 15 mins later she calls the salon and asks the receptionist where is a good place to get her nails done saying that hers look horrible. She kept complaining saying "they use an e file at the other salon".. They do this they do that. Now i am so discouraged and want to cry. Wish i wouldve never taken her in today to do her nails. Now i am embarrased even to go into work since she works there and is gonna tell everyone what a bad job i did. They honestly didnt look that bad considering the time limit. I feel like such a failure.
Dont let it bother you it takes years of practice!!! go on to tammy taylors sight down load her practice sheet it will help you! Also what product are you using and is their any other nail techs or just you in the salon? Try to look for any shows or classsed and youtube youtube youtube!! I have watches a lot of Tammy Taylor and Young Nails they have great tips but its practice and practice that will help!! Good luck and if you have any questions ask!
Thanks. Acrylics are the hardest for me. I did a set of pink and whites on a family member last week and she loved them and she is a manicurist herself.. However this girl had high expectations and now i feel so bad. Its hard for me to ignore it and look past it
I am so hard on myself for perfection that I could be with a client for a couple of hours for some of the most simple of services. Dont let her reaction discourage you. Keep your head up and keep practicing when you have down time. Youtube is your friend!!!! I have refined some of my applications with Youtube. I know its hard to be compared to the non standard salon, but just educate clients and keep moving forward Smile
Thanks!! I have used youtube to get alot better at pink and whites. Need to keep practicing. I just dont get why you would tip someone and not say anything and then complain to other co-workers
(12-17-2013, 10:08 PM)Killereyez83 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks!! I have used youtube to get alot better at pink and whites. Need to keep practicing. I just dont get why you would tip someone and not say anything and then complain to other co-workers

I agree with that! When I was first starting out I made a point of telling people that! I made sure they knew I wanted to know the areas I needed to improve on. I wanted to know if there was something they didn't like, or thought needed worked on.
If she works in your salon, I would approach your manager and let her know in a non-defensive way what happened and is there anyway they can help you get better at your job! They hired you, they should be able to send you to continuing education. They do it for stylists all the time. YouTube is good but nothing beats a hands on class!

It's a control issue with people like her. Don't let her reaction dictate your reaction. She was clearly inappropriate and is probably that way with other people, not just you. Not all clients are like her! Most are wonderful, understanding and want you to succeed! Don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch!
Thats the thing. I am booth rent so i work for myself so if i need classes then its up to me to go to them but i havent found any. Gonna keep looking.

Should i refund her money? Or just drop it and move on?
Drop it and move on. You can't please every client.

Where are you located?
I am in california
Oh, you are so lucky! There are many nail educators out that way that can help you!

Start looking!
Look up the brand of product & see if they have anything or anyone in your area training! Good luck!
I looked up cnd and opi and none in ca
Where are you located in CA? I have some names of people you can contact if you're in the area.
I am in fresno ca
Hmmmm. My people who I deal with are in the LA area. I'll keep my eyes and ears open!
K thanks
Are you on Facebook? That's a good way to find nail education.
I am on fb but havent found any education. There is a light elegance educator but she is super expensive. Considering i use all cnd not light elegance
Product specific education is good but don't discount non-product specific education. One of the very best educational opportunities I had was NPS and only cost $150 for 2 days. I had to travel a bit and stay in a hotel but I considered it a business expense and it launched me on the road to success.

Friend me on FB.

Sharon O'Rourke Frenz

I have lots of nail friends all over, many in CA, who would love to help you and don't cost an arm and a leg. If nothing else, I can help you through FB. I LOVE to help nail techs be the best they can be!
Thanks. I will find you on fb
Look for me on Facebook too, I will try to help Smile I'm already looking for a CND EA for you.

In regards to your first post, that exact same thing happened to me within the first few weeks after I graduated from my nail program. I'm here to let you know that you can get past it and have a very successful career. If you know the work that you did in the time you had available was good, that's all that matters. I'm sure she wasn't born with a pair of shears in her hands. I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate being compared to another stylist either. Please don't let her shake your confidence.
Scratch- thanks!! Yea that helps. I know im just starting out and still have alot to learn. People just have to realize that. Btw, what is your facebook? Or name to look up?
What's your name on Facebook?
Stacey howard
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