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Full Version: Pedicure chair disinfectants
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What is a good product to use in whirlpool pedi chairs for disinfectant? Could I use marvicide or a dishwashing powder? I really don't know. Please help!


I'm not familiar with Marvicide so can't comment on that. The dishwasher detergent is to sanitize and remove hard water deposits, not disinfect. OPI has a product called Spa Complete that is the most affordable product to use in disinfecting your pedicure tub.

You have to be careful in what you use because it could wear out your pedicure tub and ruin it.
I was recently told by our State Board Inspector to run a mixture of 9:1 water to bleach solution through mine, twice a week. I told her I disinfect it after every client with Barbicide, but she said to do the bleach mixture in addition to that. And to keep a log.
Seems like it's overkill to me, but whatever they require... :?


Hate to disagree with an inspector, but bleach will ruin your unit. It is very harsh on parts and plastic. Call the manufacturer and check first. They will confirm this. Barbacide is very expensive to use and will rust metal parts.
Tn state law says "use disinfectant per manufactures instructions" but our inspector says swirl the jets with barbacide for 10 mins after each and leave the water sitting after the last client of the day. Then swirl in the morning rinse and sanitize. Thats all good gravy but like idonls said, its expensive and rusty. When i get a choice i will go jetless. Tired of dealing with them.
I agree with Cheryl. OPI spa complete.

Bleach will do nothing to really break down and clean out the bio film out of the pipes. You should be disinfecting between each client, make sure you follow the label on the disinfectant you use. Don't just pour it in, measure it properly!!!
Most people will over use if they don't measure.
There is a new medical grade disinfectant approved by the FDA that is very effective - a much better one than barb, etc we currently have. It is used in renal hospital centers, etc. It is Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide and there is a whirlpool version. It is non-toxic (can safely go into our water), and higher level micrcide than any we have.
Contact They are the North American beauty distributor. I highly recommend it.