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Full Version: Gel Top Coat
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What is everyone's favorite gel top coat? I'm looking for one that stays super shiny till the client returns. I'm currently using nailites gentle gloss.
I have a few - I like Akzentz. I've used Gelish & its good. I know I've seen posts for Cuccio Veneer top but not sure about shine?
Cuccio best prices @ check it out!
I like ibd Just Gel topcoat and NSI Glaze n' Go.

Bowie, MD
Recently discovered ONS top to bottom and love it!
Tuff Enuff Nails Diamond Shine
Has anyone used Young Nails Finish over gel polish? I love YN products , but I just did my nails with Gelish gel polish, and the YN as the top coat. All my nails have cracks in them from the top coat! Any suggestions? I've used NSI Glaze n Go long time ago over acrylics, can it be used over gel polish?
(12-12-2013, 11:07 AM)kspeth Wrote: [ -> ]Recently discovered ONS top to bottom and love it!

What is ONS?
YN is a gel sealer. I think your problem with cracking over gel polish is that you used a gel sealer, and not a a gel polish top coat . You colud use Gelish Top It Off, or YN ManiQ over your gel polish, and that should solve your problem.