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Full Version: Paying yourself
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For those who rent.. Do you pay yourself? I have a seperate business acct just for business funds.. How do you go about paying yourself? Do you pay yourself a salary?
I got this advice from a stylist that has 10+ years experience and I am so glad I listened.

I put every single penny into my business account that is associated with my business, tips included. I write myself a check every two weeks as my "payroll" check. I deposit that check into my personal account and pay all of my personal bills with that. I pay myself just enough to cover personal bills with just a little left over for personal spending money.

I pay my booth rent, supplies and anything else associated with my business out of my business account. I do not deviate from that plan. I pretend that business account is not there, except on pay day. Everything is black and white, no "funny" business and your accountant will appreciate you so much for making things simple.
Thank you! That is exactly what I needed to know. I was told to keep everythinf seperate but didnt know about paying myself.