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Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great holiday season. I just felt like sharing some pictures with you all Shy
[Image: IMG_36073_zpsb15a0184.jpg]
[Image: Kristinmarble_zps76c47762.jpg]
[Image: monicanewpw_zpsbae6c2b3.jpg]
[Image: kariredrose_zpseb1fa6bd.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3403_zps5cda15b9.jpg]
Awesome!!! #2 my favorite- I do a similar design- can I ask how you do yours? I was advised to place my base layer if gel down- then do this design- then build nail - with file shape buff & top my nail isn't too thick :-)
Appreciate your feedback (on all posts!!!)
Thanks :-) The second one was on natural nails, so I didn't embed it. Just two coats of dark purple gel polish, cured. Than apply random dots of color, swirl it together. Cure. Than outline with black gel. Cure and finish.
Thanks- that's pretty much how I do this! :-)