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Full Version: How to find the right booth rental?
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Hi everyone

I was just wondering how I would go about finding a good place to rent a booth? Where would I look for potential salons? Just on craigslist? What questions should I ask? Thanks in advance for any pointers!
Craigslist is a good place to start. Also try for job opportunities. If there is a particular salon you'd like to work in, contact them directly and see if they have any openings. If you're just starting out, see if the salon offers an hourly guarantee rate plus commission. Otherwise, you will more than likely be offered a commission based oy pay (usually 50/50). Most owners prefer to booth rent to techs who have a solid following.

When looking for a salon home, ask them how long they've been open, what type if clientele they service, what their menu prices are, do they have a nail tech and if so how long has she been there and are there a lot of requests for nail services. If so, what services are most requested. I'd also ask what products they use so you can become familiar with it if you don't use that product. Also ask what day you would be expected to work and what type of compensation is being offered. If you are the only tech, is ask the owner how they plan to market you and promote nail services. That may be something you're required to do. All techs should market their services anyway. Most techs use social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Ask the salon owner if they are ok with you taking photos of the work you do in the salon and posting them online via social media sites to promote the salon and market yourself.

I hope this helps. Best of luck with your job search!!

Bowie, MD