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Full Version: gift certificates
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Anyone know where I can get some gift certificates with a nails or polish type theme? Vista print doesnt have anything i like. Wasnt there someone on here who used to do them? As well as business cards.
I designed my own. I made one for each service that I offer, full set, pedicure, rock star toes, etc. They are basically postcards. On the front, there is a picture of each service, and it says something like "a gift for you". Then on the back, is the same picture, edited to be almost completely transparent. And then the text is over top of the watermarked picture. At the top, it says the name of the service, then there are the blanks to fill in name, who its from, etc. I just used a program like publisher to design them, and then had a local printer print them for me. They could have been uploaded to vista print, but, I wanted a quick turn around time, since I waited til the last minute Smile
Sorry no business cards but I can help you out with the gift certificates

[Image: pc202.jpg]

[edited] hate hate this new Windows7 box.. I cant see nuthin
@nailsbydedee.....thanks! Thats a fab idea....I can see myself having a lot of fun with that. I always wait until the last minute.....ugh! Big Grin


To support my awesome fellow tech and graphic guru I am going to fwd this to Colleen just in case she does GC's if not I like Debs here, those are pretty, and then for vista print, you can brows through their images, using the advanced edit option and add the nail themed pics to the card.


I do my own also. That way I can change them when I want and how I want. Whole lot cheaper too!! Have fun!!
I use Printmaster and do all my own papers.
Yes I can help you! I've done many. My prices are good and they include envelopes. Email me if you want more info.
(thanks Peggy!)