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Full Version: Practicing in the salon
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Obviously i am a newer tech and still need some practice on my acrylics. I just got into a salon. Would it look bad to practice on my mannequin hand in the salon? I need all the practice i can get. I dont want it to look bad but need the practice.
If you do it during your down time, I don't think that's a bad thing. Some experienced techs work on their nail art on the artificial hand when it's slow. Ask the salon owner if they are ok with it.

Bowie, MD
I dont think they would care since i am my own boss there.. I am self employed just renting but just wasnt sure.
I practice and play around all the time when I'm not working. I don't think It looks bad. in fact i find it interest most people and they'll come over to see what you are doing and that gives you an opportunity to meet potential clients.
I totally agree. I practice when I have down time. I try new stuff and I always get someone coming over and seeing what I'm working on.