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Full Version: Dust Collector
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Hi! I am worried that my partigone is on his way out. I work from home and need to find something that is quiet and isnt heavy on my hand. I use an erica electric file. What are some decent priced dust vacuums out there? Any new feedback?? Thank you!
Aw sorry to hear about your Partigone.. the next best thing to sliced bread, less odor + dust contrikl would be Valentino..

[Image: slide5.jpg]
There is a table flush mount and a table top model..

hope that helps!
I use the Salon Pure Air - and I think it is the best of any systems out there. You can build it into your table, but I just move the hose around where I want it. It collects dust as well as odors (5" activated charcoal filter, plus two screen type filters). I've had mine for over 3 years and it still works like new - I also work from home now and I have it set up so that I can use it at my manicure table as well as the pedicure station for filing off gel toes.