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Full Version: Setting prices
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I just got into a salon and need to set some prices. I made a generic price list but starting to wonder if its too low. I havent posted any prices yet so i can change them. Please let me know your opinions.. I am in california if that helps

Basic manicure-$15
Hot oil manicure-$18
Ultimate escape mani-$22
Basic Gel mani-$20

Basic pedi-$18
Ult escape pedi-$22
Basic gel pedi-$20

Basic mani and pedi-$28
Ult mani and pedi-$40
Basic gel mani/pedi-$35
Ult gel mani/pedi-$40

Acrylic full set-$25
Acrylic fill-$20
Pink and white full set-$28
Pink and white fills-$22

Parafin treatment-$5
Detox soak &massage-$15

Here's an article that might help you calculate your pricing:
(12-02-2013, 07:36 PM)PrecisionNails Wrote: [ -> ]Here's an article that might help you calculate your pricing:

Jaime can you help me define what should be in, how long and price in a basic pedi verse spa pedicure ??

if their are other s please fill me in Smile

my pedi i think i might do to much for 45 min $35
file ,soak, cuticles, pedi file, sea scrub feet and legs, message feet and legs ,cooling gel, polish..

let me know if you have any ideas for me!! thanks again !!!
This may help:

I'm an advocate for charging at least $1/minute . . .
Thank you !
I calculate prices based on service costs, overhead and the time to complete a service. You can view my website with prices through the www button at the bottom of my post. Your prices seem VERY low to me… I don't have time to type a detailed formula right now, but if you go to my profile and then click the button to view my previous posts, I have typed in really detailed info on how to set prices so that you actually get paid!
I went to look up a thread for you… but it appears that the forum is now set to only show two pages worth of old posts - so frustrating that all the good info that seasoned techs have posted is unavailable to new people! I will try to come back later to post… where is everyone? It seems like there's hardly any activity for the past couple months - and I know I'm guilty of that, as I haven't been on in almost two months!
Ok, it took some searching, but here's the thread where I spelled out how I calculate prices: