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Full Version: All American Strawberries & Creams posted by Carmen
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All American Strawberries & Creams:
The granddaddy of all american clasic recipie,right in to the american manicure.

IngredientsSadmanicure)for(pedicure )double the ingred.
6 strawberries,
1 egg
1 cup whip cream
few blueberries for garnish
blend all ingred. until smooth , garnish w/ staw. and blueberries, set aside. 1/4 cup of sugar mix w/1/2 cup wip cream for exfoliation then rinse ,follow w/ manicure, then apply strawb. mask w/ hot mitts for 15 minutes,rinse and massage with strawb. lottion than finish your spa manicure.
we charg. $55 ,was hot in Memorial Day and 4 the July
This is my personal recipie and inpired by the all classic recipie, All American Strawberries & Creams after all I'am in America and toguether we stand, GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Carmen <easterlily2yk AT>
Brooklyn, NY USA