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Full Version: Anyone struggle?
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Anyone else struggle at first after graduating and getting your license? I am just now getting into a booth that i hope to be in by dec1st but i just seem to be struggling with acrylics and art. Anyone else have this happen? Tell me it gets better!
It does get better.. practice helps.. starting off as a booth renter might not be the best for a new person only because I feel you get so much out of working with others as co workers.. help and the experience they can share is priceless. .. get as much class and demos as possible.. networking is key...
I am struggling tremendously. got my license in August. So far in my area I can't find any places that do commission so I just quit my 2 nd salon after 5 weeks bc I don't have enough clients to even cover the rent. Right now, sadly, I am looking at getting a regular job just to have some income.
Some salons will hire you with a minimum wage or commission to start..till u build.. that way the gaurentee u being there the hours they want.. but in doing this you have to understand that you will have to do other things in the salon such as be a salon helper... good salons are hard to find but they are out there.. it takes a good year to build a steady clientele. .. be patient. . Practice ever chance u get.. invest in a practice yourself at the stores. . Give discounted services till u build.. it takes work.. everyone struggles when they first begin. . It is a good idea to work another job in the begining.. and maybe start just with Saturday at a salon till u build.. then add more days..
Thanks. There are not many commission jobs in my city and after talking to my hubby we decided i would do booth rent. He plans to pay the rent till i get enough clients. I actually have a decent amount of manicure and pedicure clients. I have been looking into getting a trainer hand. I do have one nail tech who offered to help me out with nail art so hopefully that and more practice will help. I just wanted to know its not just me.
This is why I've decided to start a training academy. I struggled after getting out of school. I HAD to rent as there were no places in my town that hired commission nail techs. I was financially able to take extra education and I traveled to many places to learn how to do nails.

Now, 5 years later, I have a full book. However, I see new techs coming out of schools knowing only how to pass their state board exams but not know how to make a living doing something they love to do.

I'm located in western Wisconsin. Starting in 2014, I'll be offering basic acrylic and gel classes, safe use of efile classes, 3d nail art, painted nail art, advanced shapes and more. My classes start at $75 and are very affordable for everyone! If you have more than 5 people per class, I'll travel within the midwest for class fees and travel expenses.

Website is coming soon!

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