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Full Version: Soak off gel
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Hi, everyone ! Just a question...are soak off gels that you can build with just as strong as non soak off traditional hard gel ? For example if I apply a set of french tips and leave them longer than active length, will they handle the same abuse as regular non soak off hard gel ? Trying to expand my options for my clients, but want to ensure they get the same amount of wear, with no breakage...thanks in advance for your help, hope you all have a safe ,and fabulous holiday season !!!!! Smile
Lexi.. no, thats not going to really work well.. the reason is really the fact that the soak offs are softer, most of them have no "builder" in the lines. They wont hold up to the same level of wear that a hard gel will. This is where for Mary you can recommend a soak off because you know she has a good working base, knows how to treat her nails and is a good candidate for this type of application. On the other end of the stick Sue, she digs in the garden, sews, is a teacher and is fooling with glue, tape, and chalk all day.. her nails are brittle, always broken and she just cant remember to put oil on.. she needs the hard gel for strength..

Does that make sense?? While its good to expand your repitoire (sp?) there is no one size fits all for your clients..

Thank you ! That makes perfect sense ! I had a feeling it sort of worked that way, and you confirmed it for me ! Great info and insight as always, thanks again ! Smile
Welcome! Its my pleasure to pass it forward!
I actually have a bunch of clients who wear their nails quite long just using gel polish. The trick is that you can't extend the length of the nails, they have to grow them out to the desired length over time. I use two layers of base coat to start, then as the nails get longer I will go to three layers for added strength. It does depend on the product used, I think - I've found the strongest systems to be Mani-Q & Cuccio, as they don't have any solvents.