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Full Version: As busy nail pros, how do you manage Christmas at home?
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AngelI know it's still November, but like everyone else I will be working until Christmas Eve, and flat out at that . WHY OH WHY are all the family coming to me for Christmas dinner?
I have my own family who will be be here of course, and I all ways used to have my parent's , who sadly have passed now, but were hilarious, and I miss them terribly even tho they insisted on eating at 1pm and not a minute later and we had to watch on Tv ALL her Christmas specials!!

I have a lazy sister in law who could easily do it, but no she's coming to me (20 years!) And get this- she wants to bring Her mother and father in law who are lovely but don't speak a word of English.
And for some reason my own daughter has taken it upon herself to ask Her in-laws, lovely people too but Mother can be a bit of a consequence ! And both vegetarians.
Don't get me wrong , I love Christmas, and happily will do it but really by the time I get home from work on Christmas eve , the tiredness all ways kicks in and for as long as I can remember I wake up with a cold on Christmas day - anyone else this happens to?
Oh and by the by my other half is very easy going and loves all the people coming but does not lift a finger to help, except he does make a mean Irish Coffee!
Ok rant over, don't you just love Christmas ?
I would love to know your plans this holiday season?

Sorry this probably should not be posted o this forum, please move to appropriate area.

You need to insist on a potluck!!!

Looks like you are being stepped on hard, you need to get a back bone and stop doing Christmas dinners or like plumgirl suggests do potluck. Seriously you make yourself a mat, you will get stepped on. You have a good heart and it's in the right place but you can only do so much. Make some changes