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Full Version: Which LED Lamp??? Help....
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I'm having trouble deciding on a LED lamp. I still want to use my old and perfectly functional UV tunnel lamps for the hard gel I use, but such a large percentage of my clients are in SOGs. I use the two tunnels now and I'm replacing the bulbs every 2-3 months. If I use them only on the clients I have to, I can cut back on the spendy bulbs.

I looked at the Dual Cure lamps from StarNail and they would be great except for they won't fit in my table. My wonderful hubby built my table for me and no way am I going to ask him to remodel the thing! The tunnel lamps fit in a cubby built into the table.

I would like one with different timer settings. A sensor would be great. Since I'm going to have to have it on my table top, it needs to not take up a lot of real estate.

So... any suggestions?
I use the OPI LED lamp and I find it really compact. It has 15, 30, 45 and 60 sec cure controls on the top of the lamp. It also has an automatic sensor to turn on automatically. I have cured other brands of LED polish with no problems. I find that it is a really well made lamp. It has a metal outside casing and super easy to clean on the inside. It has no bottom tray. All of the reflection is on the top and sides. Remember to unplug it when cleaning, lol. I forgot one time and nearly blinded myself. I really do love my lamp and glad I purchased it.
That's one of the ones I was looking at. In fact, I saw one somewhere for $82. Of course, I can't remember where......
I also use the OPI LED lamp and love it for all the same reasons! Great lamp! Check Permier Nail Source, they have them for 199 with 6 OPI gelcolor.