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Full Version: IBD clear gel vs IBD builder gel
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I was wondering what the difference was between the IBD clear builder gel and the IBD clear gel? On the bottle of the IBD clear gel, it says for natural nail overlay. However, I was also told it was a topcoat. I tried both ways and it does not come out shiny at all, more like how a builder gel looks after, rough and not shiny. Suggestions? Should I just return the clear gel? I already have a primer gel and builder gel and topcoat gel. Anyone able to give me some information?
I use both and they are always shiney. The clear gel is a a thin viscosity and the builder is a medium viscosity. I use the clear gel for overlays and I use the builder for my back fills. How long are you curing for? What type of lamp are you using? and what are you wiping it with when your done curing? What do you mean when you say primer gel? Who's it by?