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Full Version: Looking for Gel Polish Colors to Match Polish Colors
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I am trying to find gel polish colors to match the OPI polish color "Chicago Champagne Toast" and Essie's "Waltz".
If you are familiar with these two colors and can advise any gel polish colors to choose I (and two clients) would be grateful!
P.S. I use Shellac, Gelish, and YN, but am open to any brand.
Is waltz a marsmellow kind of color? If so Shellac newest colors has one but I forgot the name. And do you have Gelish Sweet Chocolate and Glamour? That combo should be close to champagne toast.
Yes, Waltz is like a milky-grayish sheer white. I have a client that likes this color as her NAIL color for a french, with white tips. Ugh, I think it's hideous, but the loves it and never changes. I can't even use CND Super Shiny top coat because she thinks it changes the look! I have to use a clear top.
Anyway, thanks I'll check into those suggestions! :lol: