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Full Version: IBD UV/LED Gel
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Anyone tried the IBD UV LED Gel? I've used the UV Gel for years and really like it, but would love to hear any feedback on the UV/LED Gel.
I use their IBD JUST GEL polish and love it!
I'm looking to see if IBD's uv/led hard gel works with the the lamp. I am really wanting to get this, if it works. I need feedback please.
IBD's hard gel can only be cured under a UV light. I use it and really like it. It's easy to use (not runny) and it's reasonably priced. They are working on a gel that is LED cured but I haven't seen anything on the market yet. Her a trial kit, which comes with a DVD, which is one of the best educational DVDs in my opinion. It covers their hard gel and acrylic application in detail. I still refer to it when I'm troubleshooting...

Bowie, MD
Hi Chrissy,
I have used the UV Gel for years and really like it, but now they came out with a UV/LED Gel. I was hoping that someone here had tried it.

Is only one of a few places that I have seen it.
Oh wow! I'll have to get some and try it. Thanks for letting me know!

Bowie, MD