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Full Version: gel/shellac problems
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Hi, I'm having issues with using gel colors. I know it's highly recommended that you use the same brand for all your coats. However, in the shop I work in, I guess to cut costs, the owners use only CND base and top coat for any of the gel colors that require a base or top coat. Which means, even if I use OPI, I need to use the CND base and top coat. At this shop, we need to buff the nail and remove dead skin. Then the client washes there hands and I put on bond-aid. Next I put on the CND base coat and put in the dryer for 2 minutes. Then 2 coats of color, each coat gets fired 2 minutes each as well. Everything seems to be going good. Theres no shrinkage or running. I think I'm getting it. Yet I go to put the top coat on, dry and then go to remove the sticky residue with alcohol, and COLOR STARTS COMING OFF! My owner said to just do another thin coat of color, dry it, do another top coat and it should be fine when I go to remove the residue. It basically works, except now the gel is no where near as shiny as it should be.
Anyway, I got another client that wanted the OPI gel and I decided I wasn't going to do it that way. I'm kind of bad like that. I did the prep, bond aid, base, 2 color coats, then did 2 top coats and it was PERFECT! No color came off, there was still shine and it didn't look like I put of ton of gel on her fingers.
Now that I've explained all that, I guess what I really want to know, is has any one had the same experience? IS there any way I can improve with what I got? If it were my shop I would try to be a brand snob and vie for the best result by using only that brands base, color and top (I used to work in a shop that even would only use that bran[/size]ds dyer along with everything else). Yet, I am not in that position to do so, so I have to work with what I got.

I'm not sure what to tell you.... because CND Shellac base coat only needs 10 seconds... so maybe you are over-curing the base coat in this case.

Maybe it worked to second time because you did two top coats? But I don't really know.

The owner of the shop is totally messing with the clients experience.... why wouldn't she want to do it right? Doing it right provides the best results and the happiest clients.

I'm totally confused.
I know your not supposed to buff the nail with shellac base, I would have them wash hands first thing. Not right before polishing, if you are using a non CND light try a minute in the uv light. The Brisa light from CND is geared for the 10 second rule. This is what the company's educators have told me. Also make sure you are getting your top coat all the way to the sidewall and sealing in your color. Good Luck.
Most shops I know are not product loyal. I've had this happen to me where my color will rub off on the wipe too but it doesn't seem to affect my wear. I asked a nail tech I work with, she is a great tech even does education, and she told me it was fine. So I haven't really thought about it again. I would suggest not washing the hands before polish though.
I'm guessing you're not using a CND lamp either?