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Full Version: Rock Star Toes...questionS...
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Getting some requests for rock star toes and I'm curious as to a going price?

Some want to add them on to their pedi...

Others want to come in just for Rock Star Toes (but I still have to remove cuticle and file)

And some are wanting it on their little girl's toes...and they're expecting a cheaper price.


ALSO....what supplies is everyone using? I've been doing them with my Shellac and some super fine Martha Stewart glitter from Michael's.
Is there a less expensive way that is just as good?

Thanks for any opinions and/or help!! Smile
we all charge differently according to the market around us and what we use. shellac, gellish, or nailites gentle gel are all the easiest way with a sprinkling of glitter as those will come off easiest. I charge 25 if i use those products.
if its an add on to pedi that i charge 35 for i add 15, if do them in acrylic or reg gel where i have to file and seal i charge 35 if no pedi and 20 if add on
i dont do artificial products on children tho. i use polish, clear polish and glitters.
but to respond to your post in that reguard, product is product and time is time and if you are still using the same products it takes the same amount of time so no i would not discount
I normally use regular gel with cosmetic grade glitter. Craft glitter (like Martha's) is truly not as sparkly as the higher quality glitter. I love Young Nails and Nubar also has some good ones. If someone wants gel polish with a sprinkling of glitter I will do that as well, and I charge the same either way as the service time is the same.

For gel toes, I look at it as an enhancement service and charge accordingly. IMO, looking at it as an add-on really takes away from the fact that done right, gel toes take just as long as an enhancement, especially if you have to remove the previous set to re-do them! So, on my menu, it doesn't show as an add-on, but as an entirely separate service.

Express Pedi $35
Spa Pedi $52
RockStar Toe Express $62
RockStar To Spa $79