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Full Version: gels issues
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OK I think I'm doing better- nails are lasting 3-4 weeks on a few friends & Bam I am getting texts about lifting- cracking across the nail gel- a gel popping off 10 days later...... my nails same products & applications & I'm rough with typing , taping & doing others nails & mine are perfect-however I'm crazy with doing the cuticle oil daily or more (lol)...... Its been cold here in NJ is it Me? The Cold? I'm soooooo upset- I thought I was improving soooo much 3-4 weeks ago & thought I finally got this :-(

Side note----
My struggle is time - if I only had more clients to do I think all would b better with repetition- but FOR EXAMPLE I haven't done a set of hard gels since LAST Thursday-- should I do my "fill" every few days for more practical time or is that just wasting product $$$ ?
Interesting- could doing A "fill" with different brands lead to a service breakdown? Both my girlfriends gel nails look the same with the way they are breaking & lifting!

I wish I new how to post a picture on here & I'd show you!
Can you upload the picture to photobucket? Once you do that, copy the link code that is for forums, and then paste it in a message/post on here. Then it should show up.

If you can't do that, you're welcome to message me the pic and I'll help if I can.