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Full Version: need info on cnd shellac please read!
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recently i had a conversation with some nailtechs about shellac.most of them said that shellac is produced in china and not only shellac but most of the gel polish lines and are dispached to usa and then are bottleled(if i say it right) in usa and then sold like they are made in usa.i cannot believe something like this and i need any info i can get to tell them otherwise.sorry for my bad english i guess you understand what i'm trying to say here!can you please let me know what is the truth behind this?
and also i shellac an ingredient or only the name of the product?one said that a cnd ambassador told her that shellac is an ingredient and that is why is called like that.never heard of it!
CND Shellac is a brand name, it is not the ingredient. Read this article for more information.