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Full Version: Problem with old products, wish they were dated.....
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recently found myself struggling with a new box of Elegant Glass silk... the pattern of adhesive showed through everything I tried and the silk was so sticky it clung impossibly to the scissors.
Contacting them (thinking it is a problem of too much adhesive) I'm told the problem is the product is old.
Since there is no policy for this, and this supplier are not the most customer savvy people, I'm debating whether it is worth a knock down drag out for a refund.
Last year, received dried glues (argument about me paying insurance to return it), old lotion... a gallon... and IBD color get that was set up in the middle (show owner put it back on the shelf, after long argument), same with an old container of CND SPA scrub...
I suppose they figure a lot of people don't bother to return
The most spectacular was the OPI gel polish base that was solid in the bottle, at Cosmoprof, all the bottles were dried out, guy at the register puts them all back on the shelf.

I've noticed an increasing problem with old product
I wish our materials came with dates

and I'm looking for a new wrap system ;-)
I couldn't get EG to recommend a local seller with a more recent purchase...

Have you tried Backscratchers? They have a great wrap system. They have trial kits you can purchase on their website.

Bowie, MD
The problem is not so much a matter of product preference but of old product.
I've used Backscratchs, though not recently, that was the product I was using when I met Elegant Glass... I liked their material and finish resin better
But, products do change over the years, I may give them (Bs) a try again
the problem is finding a source for product that is not old, esp when materials are not dated
Order from Buynail, dried up EZFlow builder Resin and dried up China Glaze Ridgefiller

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