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Full Version: tips questions
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My boss (hairdresser) is telling me that putting tips on a person during a hard gel is stronger then an overlay the natural nail......
She has shorter nails & has a decent free edge & I suggested just an overlay & let them grow naturally-she is not looking for much more length-but insists that tips are needed for strength.... yes or no???
She has ONLY had acrylic nails & has only gone to Asian salons....I/we are doing hard gels in her salon & she wants them & also wants them removed after 6-7 fills so a new set of tips can be done???????
I went 3 years just doing fills as long as there's no issues???

Ok-- so I did the overlay & she lasted 2 weeks & they started to chip & lift a bit and she peeled the gel overlay off & insists the tips would have made them last?? Is that true?
Also-- I told her WHO KNOWS what she actually had on her nails in the form of acrylics-- in those unmarked jars!! People say when the Asian salons do my nails they last perfect for 5 weeks!!! What are they USING IRON?????

Thanks :-)

I am not Asian, and I use brand name acrylic, and hard gel, and I have clients that come only every five,or one, only every eight weeks. Although I don't recommend going past three or four weeks, none of these clients usually return with lifting or damage, just a huge amount of regrowth. Gel polish on them still looks pretty new ,but they require a serious trim ! I think sound application, and cuticle prep is the key .I don't soak off and do new sets unless a clients specifically wants too, otherwise ,I find there is no need...truly believe it is my application.
Thanks- I'm still working on that- but not enough clients consistently to do so!!!
But-- what about her thoughts that TIPS make the difference & make them STRONGER? To the point she has acrylic soaked off & full sets done around the 7-8th fill......?????
Personally, in my opinion, I believe a tip, just like a form is used to provide lenghth where none exists. A properly built and applied overlay that is maintained and filled regularly should be more than strong enough, and unless serious breakdown has occurred at some point, soaking off and doing a new set is unnecessary, unless of course you have some people like hairdressers, that wear white tips and after a while it is just better to start over instead of backfilling.Hairdressers tend to have serous staining issues with pink and whites after awhile because of their hands being exposed to hair color. The natural nails become very discolored underneath, and generally after a while it is just best to change them ,only becsuse of discoloration, due to hair dye, not service breakdown. After a while u will get rolling, and your nails will last the same as the Asians. I found them to be a blessing in diguise, and because I realized they are very efficient, and in most cases do a beautiful job in a short amount of time, (I am so jealous) ,I started tinkering with different application techniques and brushes, and bodda bing, nails that last pretty much forevrer, minimal, or no lifting ! Think out of the box, and keep experimenting with different things that work for yoy, and eventually the light bulb moment will happen ! Smile
Thank you - very encouraging :-) !!!!
I was told that doing a form would be better than using tips. Tips are glued on. Glue gets broken down after awhile from water and causes the enhancement to be weak.