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Full Version: Applying gel base/top coats to imPress press-on nails?
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Hi there,

I'm working on a new line of nail art and I like to practice on/wear the imPress press-on nails found in drugstores (the ones that have no glue needed). I'm wondering if anyone knows - will it work/is it safe to apply a gel top coat for securing gems/polish/art to the fake nail and curing it in a lamp? I will be doing this straight to the nail AND to regular polish (I know it has to be completely dry). Just wondering if anyone has tried putting fake nails (they aren't acrylic) in a lamp, or tried using gel top coats only.



Have not tried it, but it should work. I don't see anything in the gel topcoat that would damage a press on nail.

I would suggest gluing the nail art on with E600 glue and then topcoating. Using UV gel to adhere gems/polish/art is iffy. The UV light cannot penetrate through the gems and therefore remains uncured or under cured at best.
Fabulous, thanks!

I'm new to the gel-at-home thing. Do you have a brand of polishes and a lamp that you recommend? I'm looking for something small, $60 and under, as my client-base is currently just small made-to-order type stuff Smile