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Full Version: nailite thin gel
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Hi, all! I am licensed but have not practiced in years. I just do my own nails occasionally.

I remember when I was doing nails I used to put a gel over my polish on natural nails not acyclic. I know it was from nailite but not 100% sure what it was. So, I ordered the thin gel.

I prepared my nails wiped with acetone and painted base coat, color then gel and put under light. I also made sure and cap the ends. They started chipping after 2 days.

Should I of wiped the polished nails with alcohol before applying the gel? Also, maybe used the alcohol (which by the way I have 91%) instead of acetone?

Thanks for any help!
Did you cure each layer? Sounds like you only cured 1x ? Is is gel polish or nail polish? I'm not sure what their "thin" gel is supposed to be used as...
I used regular polish. It says can be used on natural nails or acrylic. I did only cure once.
Hummm I've used Seche UV top coat over polish & usually have no issues -- typically prep as usually & proceed-- with polish & UV top its not to complicated.... I'm not sure the acetone/ alcohol option would make a huge difference but try it. For Nailite I've used their regular hard gel & many ppl here seem to like that. I haven't seen any comments on this "thin gel" -- do a search through the forum - see if anyone has discussed this before maybe??
Thank you for replying! I did do a search and didn't find out much. Maybe it was just my application. Its been a long time since I have done my nails. I guess I will just try it again.
I've been using it over regular polish. I cure for 3 mins just to be safe. Its not super long lasting but better than regular polish topcoat. It also comes off with regular remover.