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Full Version: monomer question
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hey everyone,

I have a question. I accidently mixed some rubbing alcohol in with my bottle of monomer. I thought it was the left over of my monomer, but it was the alcohol I poured into it. Can I still use it? Will it hurt it?

Any input?
I'm not sure what the long, technical answer is. But the short version is, Dump it. (Don't "dump it," please dispose of it in a safe, ecologically responsible manner.)

But I'm going to err on the side of caution and consider that monomer to be contaminated now.

I suppose you could set it aside and use it for some practice and see if you observe any changes in its performance. But I wouldn't use it on clients at least until you're pretty sure it still works the way it ought to.
thank you Smile. I tested it on myself and it seemed to harden properly. It took a little longer to dry, but once it did it set fine. I'll buy a new bottle, its a shame because this stuff is so expensive!
Dump it yes it's expensive,
but not half as expensive as they repercussions could be!!
Id dump it. By mixing something else into it you've altered the chemistry of it.