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Full Version: some new pics ****
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before - three months old Confusedhock:
[Image: DSC014942.jpg]
[Image: DSC014952.jpg]
[Image: DSC014862.jpg]
[Image: DSC015132.jpg]
[Image: DSC015152.jpg]
[Image: DSC014982.jpg]
[Image: DSC015352.jpg]
[Image: DSC015022.jpg]
Smile Sandra... Love them, the last set is my favourite.. xxx

I would love to know, which brush do you use for your one-stroke? Thanks!
that 3 month old set is unreal!
I use flat #4 brush . Thank you Big Grin
I love the ones with the flowers. Ever thought about doing a tutorial on those flowers. They look like hibiscus. Gorgeous.

Do you use acrylic paint for those?
I agree. Love the flowers!
are you using gels with the glitter or acrylic? the reason I ask is that I am not able to find a white that shows up glittery and still white...the ones I have come out glittery and clear. I know Angela Jones has some nice ones in her book but she does acrylic. it seems when I mix white with the clear gel, it doesn't look white.

Great job! Very pretty!
Suefd - LE has one. i think its called diamonds...i use it a tone it is a very glittery white! super popular with my clients.
If you are looking for a beautiful white glitter I just stocked some Art Institute Glitter in Pearl... it is an ultrafine pearlescent glitter & is absolutely stunning !!!

Wow, all of them are really beautiful Smile Well done!
Nailz , give us a pic Big Grin , this glitter is my own mix .
Thank you Big Grin
These are beautiful! (im so super late but Im getting inspiration from old photos :lol: )
love it!
Which System do you use? Can't believe it stayed for 3 months. Wink
Very nice!
Beautiful art work, Sandra~
I love the before and after pics!!
Thank you Big Grin
erindoesnails , sorry I didn't see your comment , I use Nailite .