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Full Version: Star nail universal soak off gel top coat
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Has anyone tried this? I've been hearing good things about Cuccio Veneer top coat. I wonder if this, being from the same company, is just as good.
I have this and it was good - I haven't used it as much just because I had bought it as a trial set with some SoG's & generally if I do say Gelish-I use Gelish top- because I have it.....I had some ppl do OK with the Cuccio SOG (little pods not Veneer) and others peel off HOWEVER I have gotten better over time with prep & application- so It honestly could have been- ME....

I worked in salon- they had bought it - I know they liked it but I didn't use it before I left there.....
Absolutely.. Both the versions -Universal Soak-Off Brush On Uv Gel Top Coat & Universal Uv Gel Seal (file off, not tackless) are high quality and long lasting. As with any product, when you get the application down, the proper amount of product and cure, it will last with great shine until removed.. As an added bonus, the price is easy on your budget too :-) (all the way on the bottom of that page)
If its the one Im thinking of, I really liked it. Went on really smooth and didnt leave little bald spots. I actually meant to pick some up at Cosmoprof last time I was there,