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Full Version: Help for Over Filed Sidewalls
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Hello, I have a client whose sidewalls seem to have been over filed. You see her nail bed and then the nail goes in at the side and is very narrow. It's like she's missing the side of the nail that should be growing out of the nail groove. We don't use traditional acrylic where I work or I could build a piece along the edge. We use Backscratchers Extreme or I use the Gelish Recovery as an overlay. Does anyone have any suggestions how to let that grow out. I've been careful to not over file the sidewalls but it doesn't seem to be getting anywhere. Thanks for any tips, Kelly*
WTF?? The whole rest of my message is gone.. That will teach me to work on my cell phone!

I am not getting a full visual here.. Looking down the barrel.. Tip to cuticle is the nail a very exaggerated C curve? Almost as if the left & right sides might grow to touch one another?
Does she file her own nails between appointments? Sometimes clients do this to themselves.