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Full Version: Who am I?
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My name is Olga and I live in Chicago (Chi-Town). I have been doing nails for approximately 11 yrs. I am licensed by the state of Illinois as a nail technician and a certified English teacher. This year will be my first year teaching (I just graduated)! Big Grin I am going to work part-time doing nails and teach full-time. My ultimate goal is to open my own day spa, so I plan on accomplishing that as I teach. I enjoy the message boards and I find the information to be very helpful. I have met many wonderful people from the boards. I don't know if I like the new set-up yet. I am not to thrilled about trying to figure out this ststem, but hopefully I will get through it. I am not a computer person. I can use them, but I prefer simplicity.

I have one daughter and she is eight going one eighty. :lol: That's really all.