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Full Version: it works body wraps
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Anyone added this to your menu and what do u think? DOES THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORK OR A HOAX
As far as I can tell, it's a dehydrator and when you drink water the weight and inches return. I tried it (for $25) and it did absolutely nothing for me. I measured exactly the same as I did before the expensive wrap. It was a big fad in this area last year but now no one uses it or goes has parties anymore.
We sell them at the salon I work at. I believe it really works. It's not a dehydrator. They actually recommend you drink as much water as possible while using the wraps. We did a wrap party and everyone lost inches. I am 5' 1" and 100 lbs, so I'm not really trying to loose weight/inches, but I could see more definition in my abs. My stretch marks (from pregnancy) looked less obvious too. I've been meaning to buy more just for that. Whether or not you want to add it to your menu depends on how mush time you have to invest promotion, marketing etc. People are not just going to come out and buy them. I don't sell them just the salon's owner.
Im going to have to give a huge eye roll for this one. I used to sell this stuff and honestly I think its one of the biggest scams ever. The fascination from this went through about a year ago here, and no one buys in anymore. I couldnt even give the wraps away at one point. Sorry, just the way it is. Exercise and eating healthy is the only way for fat cells to shrink. Its just another claim like the miracle weight loss.
I've got a client who's selling them and doing pretty well with it. She's almost to Diamond level. I've seen the before and after pix and yes, she's lost weight. She did one on me and I didn't lose much at the time but later it seems that I lost a bit more. Is it permanent, no, but neither is dieting if you don't continue to maintain your healthy eating habits. Everything has to be 'maintained' to keep the same results. Do I sell it, no, but it's a huge thing in our area right now and for a motivated person who's a good seller it could mean lots of money to the right person.
Eating 5 healthy meals (instead of 3) and working out (include weights) is the answer not some magical product or new diet craze.