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Full Version: Need some sources for a NAILPRO mag article!
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Hi all,

I am working on an article for the January issue of NAILPRO magazine and need to find a couple of sources. The article is about client information forms. If you use client info forms and you're interested in being a source for my article, please copy and paste these questions (with your answers!) into an email and send to [email protected] I'll need to hear from you by next Thursday, October 24.

Here are the questions! (Skip any that don't apply!)

1. Why do you think it's necessary to ask your clients to fill out the info form on their first visit?

2. Besides the client's address and contact info, what else do you ask for on the form?

3. Where do you store the forms, and do you refer to them periodically?

4. If your client indicates a medical issue that would affect how you perform nail services on her, do you do something different with her form? What other actions, if any, do you take?

5. How often do you ask your clients to update their information?

6. If you can email me your client form, I'd love to see it.

7. Please give me your name, title, salon name, and salon location.

Thanks so much!